Website Upkeep Ideas

If you want to keep an online presence going, either to keep in touch with friends and family or to build your own following of loyal readers, you have to keep your website interesting and fresh. Your web browser can be used for more than just researching Medicare supplement plans, here are some ideas for maintaining that website of yours.


Keep your website current by posting content at least 3 times a day. These could be blog posts about certain topics you are passionate about or posting pictures from the latest trip you took. You don’t want your followers to forget you exist and you can’t stay on the forefront of their minds if you aren’t constantly providing them with content to digest.

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Link your social media accounts with your website as well. You should be on Facebook and Instagram at the very least, and your pictures and posts can typically automatically post to those platforms as well. This will keep your followers seeing your content regardless of what platform they are using. Use this to your advantage since you only have to post something once and have it go to 2 or 3 different platforms at the same time.


Make sure you are posting about things consistent with what you are passionate about. It won’t help to always be posting about things that are all over the map. Pick a subject you love and love to talk about, post content about that subject, and intrigue your followers with your knowledge and insight.


If you are finding yourself stuck and need help thinking of new content to post or new subjects to talk about, switch things up and ask your followers for what they think you should post about next. They may have enjoyed a particular post you made in the past on a topic that hit home with them. Or they enjoyed the pictures you took on that last vacation and want to hear more about it. If you take great pictures maybe it’s a good idea to go out and take more great pictures to post. Your readers will let you know what they enjoy seeing from you and what to do next.


Remember to constantly be promoting yourself to try to expand your reach and grow your followers. Including other similar brands in your posts will sometimes bring their followers over to you which will help you grow your brand.