Starting Online Courses

A great way to occupy your time during retirement is to share the knowledge you accumulated throughout your career by teaching an online course. Online courses are rapidly increasing in popularity since they are typically free or very cheap for the student, and everything is done right online rather in person in a physical classroom. That means anyone can be a student, and practically anyone who’s qualified can teach their skills. Your web browser can be used for more than just researching Medicare supplement plans, here are some great tips for starting your own online course.


Find one subject in particular that you are really passionate about. It could be a hobby you have been great at all of your life, or a subject within your career that you performed your entire life. Chances are you are very knowledgeable about at least one subject, and that is what you should be focusing on for your course.

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Once you have that nailed down, create a course outline or even a full text book that you want to use to accompany your course. You can make it available online for free are charge a fee for it. Then once you have your outline prepared and you know what you are going to teach and how you are going to teach it, start recording yourself giving the lessons. Each lesson can be posted online individually for students to access as their schedule permits. There is no need, for you or the student, to have to commit to certain times to meet for class. You can create and record all of your content up front and post the entire thing at once even though students might only access it lesson by lesson. And if it is all posted at once, then students can access it at their own pace and study the information as their schedule allows.


Provide them with periodic tests to take to make sure they are learning the information, and always be available at least via email or via the platform that your course is on for students to reach you with questions. It won’t be as effective if you post everything and disappear, teachers still need to at least be available to answer questions. Other than that, there is no additional work for you to do, and you can reuse your course lessons over and over again. If you become popular enough, this could be a very good way to make money either selling your books or selling admission to your class.