Plan Your Next Trip

If you love to travel, follow these helpful tips to plan out your next big vacation.


Before you go anywhere, check your health insurance coverage and see if any Medicare supplement plans will cover you during any emergencies while you are traveling or abroad. Once your insurance is taken care of, jump online and start using travel comparison sites to start finding fantastic trip deals and discounts on hotels, flights, and rental cars.


Particularly if there are multiple places you would love to go visit, maybe the particular time you are looking to take your trip one of the places has some great deals running. Utilize these travel websites for your own benefit and take advantage of any discounts they offer. Even if they aren’t offering any discounts for your trip, they are still the best and easiest way to compare prices across the board when you are looking for hotel rooms and flights in a particular place at a particular time. Sometimes booking through those sites is the only way to get the cheaper prices they are advertising, and the more you book with those sites the more loyalty points you will accumulate over time. Your points could eventually be used toward future trips or other rewards like gifts or flights.

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Once you have your trip nailed down, start planning out the actual timeline of your trip with different excursions and fun activities for you and the family. Check out different travel review sites and search the location you are going. Chances are locals and other visitors have reviewed the place and talk about all the best attractions and activities to do while you are there. Use these guides and reviews to help you plan out your itinerary as well. People that have already been there and done that know best, and if they had a bad experience doing something, in particular, it’s even better that you know about that before doing it yourself as well.


When you finally make your trip happen, make sure you bring a camera and document it and all the fun you and the family have. Take pictures and videos, share them on social media for all of your friends and family to see, and keep them for fantastic memories to look back on. You can compare them to other trips you take, or if you end up going back to the same place, see if you had more fun one time over the other.