Medicare Supplement Plans- Perfect to Fill the Gap Created By Medicare

Upon attaining the age of 65 you come across a lot of worries and the most prominent among them is to stay healthy. Even if you cannot stay healthy you try to take medical care so that you do not fall ill. Now, this medical does not comes free of costs and for that you need to make payments. In order to support the senior citizens financially Government has started the Medicare which is divided into different parts. As you turn 65 you become eligible for Part A and Part B of Medicare, better known as Original Medicare. While you need not pay anything to avail part A, you have to pay a monthly premium for availing Part B. this premium account is deducted from your social security check. If you do not have one then you will be billed quarterly.

Does these covers all medical expenses?

It is mandatory that you get enrolled into the Medicare but you will not get all the payments. There are certain deductibles that are not covered under Part A. even in case of part B you have to bear 20% co insurance cost. Medicare will pay 80% of your total medical bill. Sometimes it may be difficult for you to bear that too. Thus in order to fill in the gap that is created by Medicare, Medicare Supplements plans comes in. as they fill in the gap of medical expenses they are also known as Medigap policies.

Can everybody avail a Medicare supplement plan?

In order to apply for any Medicare supplement plans you should be enrolled into Part B of original Medicare. If you do not have that you cannot avail a Medicare supplement plan. Apart from that before getting the plan the insurance company will check out for any preexisting condition. This is done as the Medicare supplement plans are offered by private insurance companies under the governance of Federal government.  If there are any they will charge you higher premium. However, if you can enroll during the open enrollment period then you will get the opportunity to enroll without specifying your preexisting health conditions. This period lasts for 6 months. As the Aetna Medicare supplement Plan G is given by private insurance companies you need to contact agents who will help you in comparing the rates asked by different companies and finally provide you with the best insurance plan with the best rate.