Hot Water DIY Boiler Repair

The best part about owning a boiler is not having to repair it, and hiring somebody else to come in a fix it up. What if there was an easier way though? What if this way happened to be self-repair or a troubleshooting if you will. I think it is unbelievably important to go through a basic checklist and troubleshoot as much as you sanely can. Ensuring that you will get your money’s worth for the plumber to even show up. Most people deal with big time plumbing companies. This can lead to oversized bills for things like showing up, and checking out the issue. The reason I never went commercial was my business was because I always wanted to keep it personal and close-knit with my customers. 

If your boiler is acting up, don’t head running for the corporations just yet. Go through the following steps below to troubleshoot the problem at hand, and possibly save a GOOD chunk of change.

Problem – Boiler not recieving hot water or enough hotwater.


First, you’ll want to check the thermostat. Ensure that is in in heat mode. Sometimes this can get switched. Also be sure that the temperature is at a level above room temperature. Old school boilers will need to be level for results.

Next, check the fuse box and circuit panels for blown fuses or other issues regarding these two areas. This will usually be an easy fix, but if your problem persists, do not risk injury and hire a plumbing professional to help you out. 

Then, if your system is using a standing pilot light, you need to check that it is properly turned on. Multiple surrounding factors or internal factors can cause the heat source to turn off or not turn on. internal seals or faulty thermocouple are typical culprits.

Lastly, check your circulator pump. If it isn’t warm to the touch and doesn’t seem to be off you may have blown a fuse on the unit. If the unit does feel warm to the touch or hot then it may be a motor issue or a run capacitor issue.

As FV Plumber, I truly hope this article may have helped some folks save coin. I am all about helping this community because of my time in the field, and dedication to a fair plumbing experience. Please reach out and let me know which articles you’re looking forward to reading. Any ideas are great ideas!

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